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Malaria, a mosquito-borne disease caused by a parasite, is a word many people associate with game parks in Africa.

However, only two of the South African National Parks are in a malaria risk area, that of Kruger National Park and Mapungubwe National Park, although at both these venues the risk is usually low and seasonal. Historically there have been incidences of malaria in other parks, but then there are recorded incidences of malaria from urban Europe and other non-risk areas. However, Kruger is seen as the only malaria risk park in the SANParks' set-up.

The K-Othrine insecticide is being used for control purposes in malaria areas.

Perhaps something to ponder, the threat of malaria should not affect your decision to enjoy and experience the beauty South Africa has to offer, but is just something one should be aware of and take the necessary precautions of prevention.

Please Note:

All tourist accommodations have insect nets installed on windows and doors to screen insects, particularly mosquitoes.

Malaria Hotline

The number for the malaria hotline is: 083 900 8424.


  • Take precautions and consult with a medical doctor before embarking on your trip.
  • Use of insect repellants is advised as risk can be reduced significantly.
  • Do not be alarmed as this a preventable and treatable disease.

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